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PindDaan Helps to Strengthen Your Family

PindDaan Helps to Strengthen Your Family

Following are the rituals as part of the Sraddth or PindDaan rite performed in Gaya Ji that includes:-

  • Snana and Sankalpa : Take a bath in the holy River Ganges before performing Pind Daan.
  • PindDaan : The worshiping of the departed souls and the ancestors.
  • Tarpan :In this act the closest relatives make a sacred offering to God so that the soul may enter Swarga. Tarpana is also referred as Arghya where an offering is made to all the 5 Devas and Navagrahas. Some perform Tarpana by using water and Sesame seeds during Pitru Paksha which is known as Tilatarpana.

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