They hilarious, for cutesy subtitles is flashing red inside the views.

Risky. The guy feigns lack of knowledge in regards to the going-ons, but she very enthusiastic and romantic about any of it, and attempts to clarify that she proposing to your. Ha.

As she talks about getting out of bed to one another each morning, the subtitles continue, and from her point of view it really is simple and adorable, however we come across that those were honduran old women his terminology of doom. Hahahaha. He even sweating through this times, and then he searches for his getaway route.

The initial thing he really does? The guy blows from candle lights throughout the meal, citing a reason about a stomach disappointed, and dashes towards washroom. Hee. Jang Mi needs to be truly dense though, because she funnily talks about him like damn happened to be in the course of a proposal, and not like she realises that he escaping.

Back the reception, our blind go out of the day is a cameo by Nam Ji Hyun (4Minute, The enchanting Idol). She all docile and courteous, cheerful at Gi Tae. They are, alternatively, impolite and obnoxious, choosing to bring a text conversation with Hoon Dong (whenever various other texts your for services, ha).

Ji Hyun (shall we just contact the girl by the girl real label, since its only a cameo) clears the lady throat, and Gi Tae apologises, attempting to manage the conversation. Except she claims they are not really a word in. Ha. To which the guy suggests that they begin immediately, all while unwrapping some gum and placing it in the mouth area.

The guy says to the woman to ask every little thing she curious about him, and she starts with a standard matter about where the guy life. The guy states Gangnam (simply speaking, Chaebol community), in which he extremely arrogantly goes on on about his way of living, featuring about their home, their automobile and all of. Ew, though we have which he entirely looking to get gone her.

Gi Tae and Hoon Dong become involved with an online dialogue, with Gi Tae all cool and unsympathetic to Hoon Dong problem. Additionally, Jang Mi worried about Hoon Dong (the guy been in the bathroom . for too much time). Ji Hyun asks Gi Tae if he’s got seen many pretty lady (inside the collection of services), and his awesome address sarcastic as he claims which he possess seen a lot of lady who wants to feel quite. How genuine.

He continues by adding that (those women) are willing to spend tons of money in the hospital/clinic. As an afterthought, he commends themselves in order to have a home, a car or truck and a hospital.

Ji Hyun already been truly polite and tolerating of their conduct, but this lady finally straw occurs when Gi Tae asks just what she will be able to promote him (while typing it to Hoon Dong. The guy actually asking all of them both). The guy desires Hoon Dong supply him a building, nonetheless they accept mid-way, as Hoon Dong believes provide him cost-free leasing for 36 months.

Right now Ji Hyun currently mad, as she points out that he used his telephone since forever. Gi Tae just replies that he provides someone awaiting him upstairs, he been choosing whether the guy is going upwards. Since the guy didnt establish whether it is a lady or man, taken out of perspective, it misleadingly appears terrible. And Ji Hyun was riled up, splashing one cup of water on his face. The guy amusingly ared, for he throws lower their phone, rips off their glasses and shuts their attention before she will it. Ha, but she not completed however, for now she takes his glass , and slowly pours they down their head. Burn. Or Pssssst.

Anyhow, the guy heads-up the resort to truly save Hoon Dong, when the guy rings the bell, Jang Mi curiously asks Hoon Dong if he called for place services. Ha. She opens the entranceway anyhow, and right here the initial meeting your leads: he all drenched, she dealing with a subsequent failed suggestion.

He presents themselves as Hoon Dong pal, as well as but struts inside place. Ha, he ways in the balloons and attempts to take-down the decorations, asking the spot where the washroom is. Dragging Hoon Dong completely, he primps himself from inside the washroom.

Jang Mi baffled over the reason why he appeared saturated, and then he replies (to Hoon Dong snigger) this occurs each time he goes on a blind day (describing his proficiency at it). Ha, he got every type of drink built on your at least once. LOL.

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